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about sempra energy? you know i like these good conservative companies. shocker? i don't think so. seventh, ebay! what can i say? we have been red hot on this country ever since carl eicahn got involved. when we've seen the corporate breakups in the past, they've made us a ton of money. whitewave broke off of dean foods. a national food company is going to be able to be on a stand-alone basis more effective than a combined company that has just gotten milk and focused natural foods. i think acahn is right. ebay should split up, too. we know value and breakups work. this is the gift that keeps on giving. thank you carl icahn. and verizon. now that the deal allowing verizon to buy the rest of verizon wireless closed, all the brokers are piling in, praising it and both jpmorgan and morgan stanley today. i know expressed frustration because i like the deal so much. just when you start to get maximum frustration is when things get real interesting. verizon could be a core holding for any portfolio. it remains the stock i shout back at people when they shout back at me, jim, booyah, wha
that directly benefits from turmoil that could restrict energy exports from russia, driving up the price of crude worldwide. it know it seems a little illogical given that continental's crude goes to gasoline in this country. remember gasoline in this country is priced off the inflated oil price set in europe, not by the domestic price here. and that means bakken oil is even more valuable to east coast refineries than ever because of what was happening with ukrainian/russian tensions. continental got pulled down by the power of the futures. and they're so all encompassing, they crush every stock right or wrong. toe tam opportunity, one that should have been seized, same with the natural gas stocks. our natural gas when it's going to be shipped to europe could help free the west from nat gas tyranny that russia exerts. in other words, it was a positive. how about theme number four. i think the issues over ukraine served to remind us how the asset class of stocks are weak and people not as enriched by a rally. so to use a prime example, we are more, not less likely to shop for discounts. m
of jobs too, so manager and job creation is really pipelines and energy renaissance is what jim is pointing out. >> i don't believe in the keystone pipeline because of the jobs you make building it. you can build anything and create jobs. i -- but i believe -- i just believe it's a useful pipeline. >> it is a useful pipeline, and in part because keystone is vital for continental energy security. despite environmental worries about the canadian's so-called heavy oil, if the pipeline is nexted, that can be headed to china. or, believe me, they won't refine it nearly as well. they'll pole out the universe with it, rather than to lose -- i think people will treat it properly. i think germany wishes it could be secure the way we have the chance to be. right now the germans are right in putin's ferocious crosshairs as central europe runs on russian natural gas, but the more important development in oil is that the emerging independence of it last come roaring back from last fall. if you recall, the cost of the declines in these stocks were very negative comments made by "mad money" go
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Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4